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Ask your neighbors about us... chances are they know us! As a residential painting contractor serving North Eastern Bergen County for over thirty years, there are not many communities that I have not worked in. I have built my business on referrals and pride myself on my reputation.

I was born and raised in Bergenfield and later moved to Closter where I now reside. I have a significant presence online and many of the customers who contact me through the web site, Facebook or Houzz.com, for instance, are new to the area. Most of them find it very amusing that I wind up introducing them to some of their neighbors and suggesting local restaurants and community programs that are available.  


I often will post projects on Facebook and many are viewing project ideas and and discovering common friends who I have already established a relationship with. Many are also seeing how to enhance their homes with ideas that I have done for their neighbors and friends. Give me a call, estimates are free and I am happy to meet with you and see what you need. 

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