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There are many factors to consider when painting the exterior of your home. All of them important in their own way.

The first step is the preparation procedure. It doesn't matter how good your paint is or how it's applied-- if the surface is not sound and clean, it's a problem! We first wash the house to remove all surface dirt, and kill any mold or fungus, scrape all loose or peeling paint, sand to reduce any scarred edges, prime those areas, and NOW you're ready to paint!

But, we must choose the right paint. We use Benjamin Moore paint unless otherwise requested. Benjamin Moore is the industry leader in the paint business and their paint technology is cutting edge. Technology? Yes! Paint formulation is a science and they take it very serious because that's all they do. 

The next thing is the color. With so many colors available, choosing the right one seems impossible. But, when you narrow down the options taking the architecture of your home into consideration, the choice becomes clearer. Trim color can soften the body color or make it more bold. Also, shutter and door colors can be a dramatic statement or a blend with the trim or body.

So, let's sum it up:

  1. Proper preparation procedures
  2. High quality paint
  3. The right color for your home

It's that easy! No corners cut = customer satisfaction.  

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